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Beijing hong hai technology development co., LTD. Was set up
Source:Hong hai news editorial department Date:2015-9-11 14:55:10

Hong hai technology development co., LTD. In Beijing on September 11, 2015 founded in zhongguancun science park, haidian district. Company is currently set up research and development, production and operation of the three modules, products involving multiple medical field. At the same time, the sea science and technology to create China's own sophisticated medical enterprises. As China's medical equipment industry leader, the first contact zhao-yang ning, the general manager knew I provide products and services is closely related to human health and life, hong hai technology will with the most sincere goodwill towards society, partners and employees, hong hai technology will take on its corporate social responsibility, to create more employment opportunities, and also for the majority of patients to reduce pain and promote domestic medical level and return for investors and employees return to work hard, and do it really harmonious, win-win situation.